Why Kornerbooth?

We’re confident that once you hire Kornerbooth, you’ll never want another photographer at your events.  That’s why 95% groups that hire us, hire us again within 12 months.  It’s not just the quality of our pictures that sets us apart, but the entire experience is designed with one goal, to have as much fun as possible.  It’s hard to describe how fun Kornerbooth is without experiencing it for yourself, but this video can give you a little taste of the glory.




Still not convinced?  Here are a few more reasons to love us.


Real Photographers

We have a photographer take your picture, not an iPad.  We’re proud of our photographers.  Their first goal is to serve you, their second is to take great pictures, their third is to have fun.  Once you’ve experienced an event with one of your photographers, you’ll never want a robot in a box to run your photo booth ever again!


Full Length Photos

You look good from head to toe, so why settle for a photo booth that will only capture a headshot?  Our full length photos even give you the freedom to capture a classy foot pop, or the perfect jumping picture.  So stop trapping yourself in a photo booth box and instead choose the freedom of Kornerbooth.


Props & Props & Props

There are two main things I love about props.  First, they bring out your guests full creativity!  Once your best friends have done every pose they can think of, they can let their creativity loose on the props to form 1,000 new poses.  Secondly, for some reason props make it socially acceptable to take 50+ pictures, and I’m grateful for that.


Free High Res

Free High-Res

Some photographers can charge up to $1,000 for full access to high resolution pictures.  That’s stupid.  We give them to you for free.  After all they are YOUR pictures, of YOUR friends, so we want you to have the highest quality copies of them so you can use them for whatever you want!  Just make sure to keep them out of reach of Blanky.



Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

We average 3 days to have our pictures full edited and uploaded. Even on our craziest weeks we guarantee them to be done within 7 days. If you’re a bride to be, that means your pictures will be ready for while you’re still on your honeymoon! If you’re in college, that mean you can use them to distract yourself during your boring Sociology class the next week! If you’re a llama, that means you can see the pictures before you can say “DMX.”


Social Media

You’re really good looking, and you want to show the world how good looking you are too, right?  We want to help.  That’s why we upload all our pictures straight to our Facebook page, so it just takes one click to show all your friends how really, really, really, ridiculously good looking you are.




Have We Peaked Your Interest?

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