Why do you have a picture of puppies on your FAQ Page?

Everyone loves puppies.  The real question is, why wouldn’t we have a pictures of puppies on our FAQ page?


What is Kornerbooth?

Kornerbooth is an open photo booth company that combines the best qualities of a photo booth and an event photographer.  The best part of a photo booth is that anyone can take as many pictures as they want.  Your guests’ personalities really shine through in the pictures they take!  The best part of an event photographer is having a professional photographers who is fun to interact with, and is committed to getting you the best pictures possible from your event.  When you hire Kornerbooth you get the best of both worlds!


What’s included in Kornerbooth?

Our package includes everything you need to give you the best possible pictures, with no work from you.  Our photographer will come early, set up our open photo booth, set up a table full of props, photograph your entire event, individually edit each picture, and distribute them online in an album for all your guests to download & share them for free.  There are never additional fees added on after the event, no matter how many hundreds (or thousands) of pictures your guests take.


How much does Kornerbooth cost?

I wish I could tell you, but the cost is totally different depending on the location, the length of time, if alcohol is served, and many other factors!  If you want to get an exact quote for you event click on the “Get a Quote” button on the top or bottom of each page.


How much room does Kornerbooth take up?

Kornerbooth requires at least a 14’ by 10’ by 10′ area.  If your area is bigger it gives us space to spread out and make the photo area more comfortable.  If your space is smaller, we can go over some alternative setup options to save on space and make it work!


If Kornerbooth were a dinosaur, which kind of dinosaur would it be?

A Gigantoraptor, duh…

Oh… You’ve never heard of a Gigantoraptor?  Picture a 12ft tall chicken with dinosaur strength, and you’ve pretty much got it.



Where do I get my pictures?

All pictures are available on this website under the “Get Your Pics” tab.  There you will find links to our SmugMug or our Facebook page


What if I took a picture, but can’t find the picture in the album?

There are a few reasons a picture wouldn’t make it onto the website.  About 75% of the time, if you’re having a hard time finding your picture, the picture is probably still in the album, just in a little bit of a different order.  About 24% of the time, the picture has been removed because it didn’t meet our standards (usually due to an accidental dress riding too low, or riding too high, or an inappropriate phrase on a chalk board, or any number of other things).  The other 1% of the time there was an error while uploading the pictures to SmugMug or Facebook, so will need to re-upload it.


How do I remove a picture I don’t like?

On Facebook, if you flag the picture we will remove it! 

On our SmugMug, email a link to the picture to [email protected] and we’ll remove it ASAP!


Is it worth it?

Of course WE think it’s worth it, but the important question for you is do our customers think it’s worth it?  Well the answer is pretty clear.

 95% of our customers that have hired us, hire us again within 12 months.  So apparently they think we’re worth it.


What kind of events?

Our most COMMON events are Greek Life events, wedding receptions, philanthropy events and other university based events. 

We CAN do any kind of event however! 


Do you offer backdrops other than the white?

The white backdrop is definitely our signature, but we do offer different backdrops!  Sometimes out of necessity (outdoor events on a windy day), and sometimes just to give a fresh flavor to an event!  Some backdrops do cost extra money, but we’re up for trying anything!  Check out this recent blog about some ideas for out alternative backdrops

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