5 Photo Trends That Were Great For Their Time But Need To Stay Dead

Tuesday, Apr. 5th 2016

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From planking to peace signs there have been iconic poses that have been classic in pictures. Luckily we get to see these poses, especially in our photo booth in Baton Rouge, LA and our photo booth in Manhattan, KS!  You can look back at your old albums and clearly see that your middle school, brace face self did not hesitate to strike one of these poses. Many of these iconic poses swept the nation and spread like wildfire; however, they are now in the past and definitely should stay that way. We found our top 5 favorite photo trends that were great for their time but need to stay dead.


  planks of wood  

The fad called planking swept the nation a few years ago. The idea is to lie down as straight as a wooden plank in various places. It became a competition of who could plank in the wildest place. People planked on rooftops, in trees, on top of vending machines, and even on airplanes. While this trend spread rapidly and was great for it’s time, it is no longer popular and should remain that way.



Like planking, this was a trend that spread quickly but did not last long. Tebowing began in 2011 and started by imitating the Denver Bronco’s quarterback, Tim Tebow. This pose is done by getting down on one knee and resting your head on one arm as if you are praying. This started out making fun of Tim Tebow but ended up being a go to pose for people across America. Tim Tebow is no longer in the spotlight in the NFL and this pose is no longer relevant in any setting. The Broncos are better without Tebow, and we’re all better without this pose in our lives.


sideways duck face peace sign

The peace sign has been around for decades and has always been a classic go to in many photos. The duck face, which refers to the face made when one presses their lips together and outwards, has also remained a classic pose in photos. However, the combination of the peace sign and sideways duck face is long gone. This pose was great for it’s time but now it just reminds us all of our brace face, Paul Frank jump suit, middle school days.


bunny ears

This pose is a classic way to ruin someone’s photo. Whether it’s a family photo or a simple picture of you and your best friend, you can throw up some bunny ears and ruin it…or make it a better picture than before. You could make your older sibling angry or turn any serious photo goofy. Though this pose was great for it’s time, the bunny ears are no longer thrown up behind others heads. Bunny ears should be like your old Myspace account, and never see the light of day again.


 dab horizontal

The latest trend that is on its way out is the dab. This pose was born from a dance move called the dab. It is done by extending one arm out and then bending the other arm and burying your head into your elbow. This pose became popular quickly as people began to dab in almost any situation they possibly could. But this pose may be coming to an end, and this video of Bill Gates attempting the dab was probably the last nail in the coffin. Is this pose on it’s way out or is it here to stay? You decide, leave a comment on this blog and let your voice be heard!!!


While these trends have now faded into the background, we always enjoy when someone will still strike these poses in the booth and bring us all back to the good old days. 

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