How Many Hours Does Baylor Greek Spend On Sing?… and 5 Things They Could Be Doing Instead

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd 2016

Sure Baylor Greek loves our photo booth in Waco, TX but there’s definitely one thing they love more. Sing. The best time of the year. The time where girls’ hair is teased a foot high and crusted with glitter and hair spray and herds of fraternity boys wearing blush and eyeliner casually stroll around campus.

Sing is a tradition that Baylor has kept since 1953. It is a giant production where student organizations perform 7 minute Broadway style acts to compete with one another. Baylor Greek and other student organizations pour their blood sweat and tears into making Sing an incredible night. This huge production put on by Baylor students is absolutely incredible but also insanely time consuming. So, just how many hours does Baylor Greek spend on Sing? sing phire dance


We have surveyed multiple sororities and fraternities on campus and have found an average total amount of hours spent on Sing. Baylor Greek members say they individually spend an average of 8 hours a week on Sing. There are 15 sororities and fraternities participating who have had a total of 6 weeks of practice. This totals 720 hours times an average of 125 members per organization. Added up, this means Baylor Greek spends a total of 90,000 hours on Sing! This is approximately 3,750 days straight and about 5,400,000 minutes.


With all of that time, we have calculated 5 things Baylor Greek could be spending this time on instead of Sing:


1. 90,000 Hours of Netflix and Chill
netlflix and chill

This is 5,400,000 minutes of valuable Netflix time. This means you could use this time to watch about 225,000 episodes of New Girl. You could watch every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy 770 times. Or you could watch every season of Friends 1,538 times! Netflix and chill for 3,750 days straight, or sing and dance? Up to you.


2. 5,400,000 minutes devoted to eating ridiculous amounts of ice cream

girls licking ice cream

5,400,000 minutes of uninterrupted time for you to devour copious amounts of creamy and delicious ice cream. We have calculated the time it takes for an average person to eat a tub of ice cream to be around 45 minutes. So, instead of spending long hours singing and dancing you could eat 120,000 tubs of ice cream. That’s enough ice cream to fill about 400 standard size hot tubs, and let’s be honest that sounds like a dream come true for all of us.


3. Fly around the world 2,042 times
two pilots 

Why limit yourself to traveling across the state of Texas or even the United   States? The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles at the equator. If you board a Boeing 747 which has an average cruise speed of 565mph, assuming you fly in a straight line, it will be 24,901 miles / 565mph = 44.07 hours.Which means with 1170 hours, you could fly around the world 2,042 times.


4. You could run 18,000 Marathons

run marathon
You may think all of those dance moves are a workout, but you could spend all of that time running instead. The average time to run a marathon is about 5 hours. So with 90,000 hours, you could run 18,000 marathons! I think most of us would way rather cake on stage makeup and dance than run that much. Or maybe that’s just us.


5. Make $652,000 working a minimum wage job

min wage job
            If you applied to work a minimum wage job paying $7.25 an hour and you worked 90,000 hours, you could be making around $652,500! You could buy a house with that money. Or you could buy about 163,125 cups of coffee from Starbucks. You could even pay off all your student loans. The possibilities are endless!

As you can see 90,00
0 hours can go a long way. However, we all are extremely grateful for all of the hard work and dedication that Baylor Greek puts into Sing. Although your grades are slipping and you are physically and emotionally drained from all of the long practices, we appreciate you. So keep on dancing and singing Baylor Greek! Keep dousing your hair with hairspray and boys keep applying that blush because Baylor just wouldn’t be the same without Sing.


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